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  1. Thanks for participating everyone - it has been awesome seeing what you have all made and truly inspiring. If you wouldn't mind sharing any improvements you'd like to see to the site, I will totally make note of it and work on making it better!

    Off the top of my head, I am working on:

    • multiple game files for each submission
    • better support for teams
    • improving the Submissions page to increase the exposure of submissions and make it a little easier to use

    Thank you!

    Posted almost 5 years ago
  2. Hey everyone, I removed the character limit from updates. Enjoy updates as long as you would like!

    Posted almost 5 years ago
  3. Hey everyone, I updated the BMO styles (BMO is what powers this website). Enjoy and let me know if you have any issues or suggestions. Thanks!

    Posted almost 5 years ago