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  1. Nulike Nulike

    Looks like the submissions page takes. jars as .zip. Rename the file extensión and run it by double-clicking (Windows) or java -jar AsylumGame.jar (Linux)

    Posted almost 5 years ago.
  2. Nulike Nulike

    At last. Uploaded. Decided to skip Android build and stick with PC (I guess Linux works as well) Enjoy!

    Posted almost 5 years ago.
  3. oogie oogie

    Game uploaded ! Exe file for now, we'll upload a html5 version tomorrow.

    Great jam guys, thanks for organizing this !


    Posted almost 5 years ago.
  4. Anthea Anthea

    Just uploaded a game, sorry it's a little late. I'm really looking forward to playing the other submissions, they look really really awesome!

    This has been a great jam, thanks for organising it! :)

    Posted almost 5 years ago.
  5. Nulike Nulike

    Well, definitely I will have to fix my issue at home. Corporate network hasn't finished downloading the Android SDK.

    Posted almost 5 years ago.
  6. David Rico David Rico

    It took a lot of tries and making a new submission account, but I managed to upload my game to the jam way late last night (had been done earlier yesterday and it took half the day to just upload it!)

    Anyways, The Unknown is a randomly generated horror game. Go play it!


    Posted almost 5 years ago.
  7. Shayna M Shayna M

    It's so cool to see everybody's games. :)

    Posted almost 5 years ago.
  8. Shellfish Games Shellfish Games

    Finally! We're done. Not a deep or particularly scary game, but an entertaining one nonetheless. Feel free to try it out and let me know what you think. :)


    Posted almost 5 years ago.
  9. Nulike Nulike

    Yes, the game is ready. It runs from the IDE. I just haven't been able to export it as an executable JAR.

    Posted almost 5 years ago.
  10. Nulike Nulike

    UGH. I need to download the Android SDK. Hang in there.

    Posted almost 5 years ago.
  11. Nulike Nulike

    I'm trying to compile the executable at work! Shhhhhhhh. (Didn't work at my home, just found the cause)

    Posted almost 5 years ago.
  12. Crimson Interactive Crimson Interactive

    Yeah... we didn't make it in time =/ All the assets and sounds done, but had some setbacks with the chosen engine that prevented us from finishing the game...

    Regardless, it was an amazing experience! It was definetely something our team needed and I feel we learned so much. Thank you for hosting this awesome Jam!

    Oh well.. gonna try to finish it anyways and see how it goes!

    Posted almost 5 years ago.
  13. Crab Attack Games Crab Attack Games

    We fixed the bug that broke the ending of our game so if it broke for you be sure to check out the fixed version:


    Posted almost 5 years ago.
  14. Shellfish Games Shellfish Games

    I give up... I stayed up until 8AM to finish the game in time, but it just doesn't work without the sound effects. Since the sound designer didn't get anything done, I tried to do it myself for the past 4 hours, but it's hopeless. :( Some of the sounds I'm currently using are originally from other games, so I'm not allowed to use them either, and I couldn't find any free ones to fill the gap. All I need is a simple jump scare sound and a free track similar to this one: http://youtu.be/VjUQsKEcU6M ... that's all. Any suggestions? :/ I already recorded me drumming frantically on all materials I could find in my flat, but it doesn't exactly result in music...

    Posted almost 5 years ago.
  15. kiimpulsively kiimpulsively

    I uploaded my Twine game and I feel like I'm following the steps right ... it says to play above in my submission window but it's not showing up. Any advice on this? Thanks for hosting a great jam!

    Posted almost 5 years ago.
  16. Robotic Robotic

    Shit, I forgot to upload the Data Folder (not used to Unity yet). I'm updating CRYOSTAZ, this link should work soon too : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/23599644/CRYOSTAZ.zip

    Posted almost 5 years ago.
  17. Lucy Lucy

    If you're having issues uploading to the platform, please try again in an hour or so-- we think it's just a congestion issue and the website can't handle all the awesome we're trying to cram into it! Submissions will be open for you to submit late should you want to fine-tune you game, as well.

    To everyone who participated in Asylum Jam, thank you so much for making this event happen with your positive attitudes and enthusiasm-- I'll post a wrap-up over the next day or so. Thanks to Brett Chalupa for letting us use his awesome BMO engine for the event, to everyone who RT'd and spread the word, and most of all, the developers who came together and made this happen. :)

    Posted almost 5 years ago.
  18. Cham Cham

    Made it just in time. Really enjoyed making it, thanks again for such a great event.

    My submission


    For those of you who want to play it directly in your browser:


    Posted almost 5 years ago.
  19. Shellfish Games Shellfish Games

    I'm done... well within 48 hours. However, the sound designer (who wasn't available throughout the whole weekend) still needs to work on sfx and music. Hopefully the submission form will be active long enough for him to get things done and submit the whole thing. :| Here's a screenshot of our strange little game: http://imageshack.com/a/img713/3497/2st0.png

    Posted almost 5 years ago.
  20. fferro234 fferro234

    Finished playing and commenting on a few games. I look forward to playing through the rest throughout this week. Great job everyone!

    Posted almost 5 years ago.
  21. Tobiichi Tobiichi

    Made it... Now I can finally go to sleep. That was soooo worth it. Had a great time, thanks Asylum Jam! http://www.asylumjam.com/submissions/52-escape

    Posted almost 5 years ago.
  22. Tobiichi Tobiichi

    Juuuuust got the voice acting into Project ESCAPE. Final touches being done now and it should be up within the hour. Yay!

    Posted almost 5 years ago.
  23. fferro234 fferro234

    Uploaded and finished. You can play my game, Midnight Stroll at http://www.asylumjam.com/submissions/44-midnight-stroll. I would love feedback. Time to play some horror games!

    Posted almost 5 years ago.
  24. Witdarkstar Witdarkstar

    Space Octopus Studios had a great time doing the jam. I hope others had as much fun as we did. I played some games and they are great. Thanks to the founders of this jam for putting this on.

    Posted almost 5 years ago.
  25. fferro234 fferro234

    Done! Just have to create this description for the submission. This is always the hardest part.

    Posted almost 5 years ago.
  26. JacobStone JacobStone

    Alright! [Survaillant] is up! http://www.asylumjam.com/submissions/43-survaillant

    Posted almost 5 years ago.
  27. David Rico David Rico

    Tried to submit, error out twice during the process. Hope 3rd time's the charm.

    Posted almost 5 years ago.
  28. JacobStone JacobStone

    Just about to submit, making a build and Space Octopus Studios will have their first ever game.

    Posted almost 5 years ago.
  29. Shayna M Shayna M

    Derelict is done! http://goo.gl/i07vaP

    Posted almost 5 years ago.
  30. Anshul Anshul

    Finished. Done. Submitted. What an awesome experience! Thanks for organizing this wonderful event!! Kudos! Looking forward to playing what other jammers have come up with.

    Posted almost 5 years ago.