Camp Days

by DreamRoot Studios

Mainly wanted to try my hand at using PlayMaker in Unity for the first time, so Camp Days is more or less a collection of a few horror "vignettes" set in a summer camp site. I've been coding in Unity for years, but this is the most I've ever been able to do without touching a lick of script! Hopefully some part of it is scary!

Controls: Movement: WASD or Left Analog Stick Flashlight On/Off: Spacebar or Joystick Button 1 (A) Look behind: Q or E (Note, this is important near the end!)

Credits: (Tons of sounds) Cindy Roberts (The bird sounds) PlayMaker (I love this tool!) Unity

Comments ( 3 )

Miranda Marchant said: As soon as I heard little girl voices, I noped the fuck out. Good work. D: Ugghhh almost 5 years ago
Edocentrique said: I think I got lost twice ! It's so big ! almost 5 years ago
PowPowX said: i really liked the game but i just diddent get it :( over 4 years ago
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