23 Mountainrow

by Shade Nexus


"STORM WARNING: Noctowne is issuing their earliest storm warning in years, with a giant winter blizzard hitting in the next few hours. More information as this story develops..."

You've recently moved to Noctowne, the small town nestled between two rows of mountains in northern BC. Your apartment is mostly unpacked, but as you settle in, a storm arrives around you, and you are soon aware of how thin the walls are.

Though you cannot place it, the early storm is not the only thing that feels... off...

So what's it actually like?

At the moment, this is mainly an engine demo. The tech is all there, but not a ton in terms of content. You can walk around the apartment, but sadly that's about it. More developments will be coming! Check back at for more updates!

Credits and controls in readme.txt

Download for local run on Windows at:

Comments ( 5 )

Too cool for school said: I like the atmosphere! almost 5 years ago
fferro234 said: I love that something pops up on the computer. Looks like a good start. The aiming is a little skidish for me though. A smoother aiming might be preferable for me. almost 5 years ago
muktashif said: I like the ambient noises, though I couldn't make out anything in particular. I don't know if you were supposed to? And yeah, the aiming was kind of unwieldy. Good start though! almost 5 years ago
Edocentrique said: I like how to manage to have a good kinda realistic interior, hope to do more with this ! almost 5 years ago
metsa said: Actually, when I entered a room or the kitchen, I hope somebody could talk to me. It is home, right? almost 5 years ago
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