304: A Story In The Making

by Bumville Games

A writer arrives at an hotel looking for a story to tell, and he sure does find it...


Movement - Arrows Keys or WASD

Interact - Space or Enter


Alan Gaspar Einung - Programmer.

Aldo Martínez Chávez - Music Composer.

Veronica Melgoza Ruiz - Visual Artist.

Jaime Name Flores Merino - Writer.

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Comments ( 7 )

David Rico said: I really liked the visuals, nice job. almost 5 years ago
muktashif said: I like the music and sound design, and the atmosphere is nicely unsettling. The monsters could be a bit scarier though. I am definitely curious about how this would end. almost 5 years ago
Edocentrique said: Really cool stuff, it's a shame it isn't finished, so you have all my attention for your next release ! almost 5 years ago
NamemaN said: Hey, thanks a lot for the feedback. We've added the few things that were missing some days ago and the story has an ending now; we hope you like it and keep the comments coming, we really apreciate them. - Jaime Name - Writer for 304: A story in the making. almost 5 years ago
pixrael said: Excelent game, i like a lot the music! almost 5 years ago
Sylvf said: Great use of darkness to obscure the creatures - got under my skin. I like the art style, and the music is a nice accompaniment. The typewriter noise playing as the dialogue appears is a nice touch. over 4 years ago
Neverstop1111 said: GREAT story there i like how u can walk slowly if u click the direction u wanna go but click the oppasit direction quickly after u click the direction u wanna go idk if thats on purpous but GREAT WORK over 4 years ago
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