Tempus Fugit

by Shrimpcave

Escape this surreal labyrinth which is haunted by a unique type of monster. This monster cannot be seen directly, but for you to survive you still need to be observant. Pay attention to your surroundings, and then maybe you can see it coming.

For the best experience, you may want to download the desktop versions here:




Tempus Fugit is an experimental game in which you have to escape from a monster who's only presence is that it slows down time around it.

Made in Unity3D.

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Sounds used from including:

ambient sounds 14 by burning-mir

SBup4 by SunnySideSoun

HouseholdACOnRunLoop_01 by StephenSaldanha

Grandfarther Clock- Digifish

Comments ( 3 )

fferro234 said: Awesome art style. Unique monster mechanic also. I wasn't sure what happens when you press all the buttons. I press all 4 of them and went for the beginning door but then it restarted back to the beginning. over 7 years ago
Anshul said: Nice art style. I also managed to press all 4 of them and then died. over 7 years ago
DavesGames said: I am so impressed with this game man! I love the mechanics and the art style! I made a Lets play of it on my channel of the same name as my username if you wanna check it out over 7 years ago
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