by Trashgames

Checkpoint-Z is a short survival game set in an occupied military checkpoint. Play through the eyes of an independent medical examiner who has been sent in to investigate a mysterious epidemic.

Made in Unity with a whole bunch of assets from the Asset Store.

Controls are basic FPS controls. Mouse to look around, WSAD to move, hold SPACE to run, press C to crouch, press Q or E to lean left or right and press Right Mouse to zoom.


Download from here or or for Mac

Comments ( 3 )

Edocentrique said: Holly molly I can't examine people without my head on my shoulders ! almost 5 years ago
Trashgames said: @Edocentrique Having problems with the game? Let me know what happened and I'll fix it for version 1.1 almost 5 years ago
Gaming with Benn [LP] said: Super Game :D Nice Grafik ! My Let´s Play over 4 years ago
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