by Armchair Conquistadors

Please play in full screen mode for the best experience. This option can be found by right clicking on the web player once the game is loaded.

During the late 22nd century, we join Ashley Mason in the coastal mega city of Hantsberg. The residents of Hantsberg are divided into two classes, Upper City and Lower City citizans. It is a divide that is mirrored in the design of the city itself. The rich live in the buildings and structures that reach towards the sky, while the poor live beneath the shadows of the golden spires. As a resident of the Lower City, Ashley is not privileged and without money. Disease and crime run rampant throughout the Lower City, making the oppourtunities for honest work few and far between. After hearing stories of scavengers finding riches amongst the castoffs of the Upper City, Ashley decides to venture below into the waste disposal subsystems.

But, there have always been stories surrounding the dark parts below the Lower City. Stories of people going missing, creatures that lurk in the darkness, and unsettling noises from the depths below. Were these just cautionary tales to keep children away from the more dangerous areas of the city? Or was there perhaps some truth to these tales...?

Comments ( 5 )

Anshul said: Nice game! It glitched out for me after collecting 3 batteries. The flashlight focus stayed the same even when I keep the left mouse button pressed. Also, pressing space spawns a new battery at the player's location :) almost 5 years ago
Edocentrique said: I managed to get half of the batteries before *SPOILER SOMETHING JUMPSCARED* ! Pretty good ! almost 5 years ago
Rezone101 said: Only needed one more battery to beat it like i saw it but as soon as i entered the room BOO! he pops out of the corner and kills me :( really great game though gave m a chill once or twice. over 4 years ago
excelsior said: Fucking jump scares! I didn't have enough time to run! So close 7/10. Awesome game! over 4 years ago
Nezumi said: There's a lot interesting about the concept and mechanics, but I keep just hearing scary music then dying instantly without any clue what actually happened. almost 3 years ago
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