by Nurvuss

Specs: Windows XP or higher. I am sorry Mac users.

An Attention Defecit Horror Disorder Game

This is a short adventure about a mysterious entity called Gary, and the hotline he runs. It has 9 endings! This is the first time I've made a game in at least ten years. So I'm sorry if it's rough around the edges.

1-900-Gary was developed in RPGMaker VX Ace.

Programming by Nurvuss

Character & Tile Art by "Old School Modern Graphics Pack 1", Licensed from

Title Screen Music & True End Theme by Nurvuss

In-game music by RMF-Noir

Song "My Gym Coach" by Team PI$$

Special thanks to Warlord_Juzzle.

I hope you like it!


Comments ( 3 )

Edocentrique said: Hey cool game, I like how you managed to have lots of content/interactions and multiples ending, very good :) almost 5 years ago
Sylvf said: This has got to be one of my favorites from the jam. Great sense of fun and it's nice to see an urban-legend style horror game here. I'm 6 endings in and trying to hunt down the other ones. over 4 years ago
JJjoinut99 said: A nice little RPG Maker! I liked that there was a touch of comedy too. Nice job. over 3 years ago
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