by Team artichaut

Made with rpg maker XP.

A worried dad is seekin his son in a large dark arcade room.

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Seanna Musgrave said: I liked the atmosphere, but I would say you're breaking the jam's theme. almost 5 years ago
Edocentrique said: Dudes that's wrong. almost 5 years ago
yepwatermelon said: That was dark. ._. almost 5 years ago
JGPJGPJGP said: Hey, who are the devs involved? I would like to talk! almost 5 years ago
Mikozouzou said: Hey guys, I'm one of the devs who made this game. Here is a kind of explaination about why we made this. Please play it before reading that which is written below ! First of all, we thank all of you for playing the game. There are nothing worst that seeing a game which is just invisible, it doesn't exists without its players. We have read your comments, and we'll try to answer as well we can. Our first idea was to create a game where you embody someone who thought to be the father of a lost child. In fact, your character would be just someone mad (it's on the edge of the jam, let's just us devellop), and at the end of the game you'll discover that it's not your son, and mainly that you've just done something bad, inconsciously. In your mind you thought you were doing something well, just saving your son, but from the eyes of the others, it was not : you're just a murderer and a kidnapper. It could be significated by the fact to have different assets and feedbacks during the first part of the game (the research of your son) and the second one (when you begin to think that something wrong happens), until discovering the truth. Finally, we choosen to modificate the story of the game because of time and gameplay missing, to have something simple. We were seeking something strong for the player, a way to scare or choqued him by another way of jumpscare or the mainstream mechanics. "What the main character could do for create a strong feeling in the player ? Can we choqued him?" were among the questions we asked to ourselves. Beyond the fact to use pedophilia in order to shock, we would to make the player incomfortable or outraged after playing the game, thanks to violent revelation in the end to break the rythm of the game. We're not idolizing the fact at all, be sure of that. Maybe you didn't like to play Arcade. Maybe you did. But anyway, you've reacted to it. And you'll probably remember this, because it wasn't shoking just for being shoking, but because you've been trapped by the game. It let you believe that what you were doing was right, but why it would has to ? over 3 years ago
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